Deck Head Pup of the Month #2!

Deck Head Pup of the Month #2!

The Deck Head Team is happy to announce that we are partnering with Pets Inc. to promote a Pup of the Month.  Each month, the Pets Inc. staff will pick a dog that has been in their care for a considerable amount of time and we will feature them in hopes of finding them a forever home.  We chose to partner with Pets Inc as they are a no kill shelter and rescue in the Columbia area where we are based out of. 

Pets Inc. operates on behalf of the generosity of the community via donors and sponsors.  Pets Inc. is a non-profit that was founded to re-home abandoned, abused, distressed, and stray animals.  For the past 25 years, they have been primarily serving animals of the Midlands, SC.  Each year their volunteer staff places, on average, 1200 pets into adoption or foster homes.  If adopting is not in your cards, but you still want to make a difference in these dogs lives, you can become a Pet Partner.  Pet Partners can sign up to make monthly contributions which will go toward taking care of the animals, maintaining the facilities as well as many other vital functions of their organization.

Our goal with the Pup of the Month, is to bring awareness to their organization as they rely solely on the generosity of the community.  We hope that with this partnership and the help of you all, we will place many dogs in loving homes.

Meet Cora our second #PupOfTheMonth.  
Every month we will feature a dog from PETSinc. in need of a home.
The first thing we noticed about Cora was her smile, she greets friends by showing her pearly whites in affection.  She a 4 year old Mastiff mix with beautiful blue coloring.  
Cora loves to play fetch and can almost always be found carrying around her favorite rock.  
She loves the water and plays well with other large dog breeds.
Cora is leash trained and knows basic commands.  
For more info on Cora check the link in the bio

Link to Pet Partnership ( )

Link to Pets Inc Website ( )


Pets Inc Contact:  803-739-9333

Location:  300 Orchard Drive

West Columbia, SC 29171

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